Wandering alone.

I've done so much wrong
So now I wander, just trying to get along
There's no peace for me
This tattooed Toffle, he falls forever on my neck

Deep in my heart, this pain and anguish
Forced down it explodes, violence and anger
You get a bitter taste of what it's like to live my life

So now I wander alone
Without no one
There's just this pain in my heart

There is no place that I can go
And it has come to be,
Shards of broken dreams
Are cutting me apart

Thinking of before, the path was chosen,
A time of great promise, that's now been wasted
There is no turning back as regret chokes my soul

In a violent world, hate makes you harder
We all want to be loved, but we don't know how
How do you make right, that which can never be undone?

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